Thailand, Cambodia & Philippines

Meeting different people from all around the world and immersing in their cultures, has always been important for our family.

The trip will start by flying to the Thai capital, Bangkok. We will enjoy the history, the temples and architecture, Elephant Refuge and of course, the beaches in Phuket.

We will then, fly to Cambodia to visit Diana’s dream destination Angkor Wat Temple or, as some would say, the eighth Wonder of the world. Yes, this is the magical place where Angelina Jolie filmed Tomb Raider!

We’ll finish our trip by exploring the crystalline waters of Palawan, living an extreme adventure in So god Bay and enjoying the views of El Nido, Philippines.

The best gift for us is having you with us on our special day, but if you want to contribute to our honeymoon fund, we would really appreciate it.

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